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Bill Ritter, Jr. | Governor | Denver, Colorado
“Bishop Foreman’s inspirational voice has served people for more than fifteen years through gospel ministry services. His leadership and motivational approach has seen success throughout the world.”
Eastridge Elementary School | Cherry Creek School District | Aurora, Colorado
“We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful party that you gave to our kids last weekend! The smiles on their faces were priceless! They loved receiving the gifts and we know that your blessings touched many families this year. Thank you again.”
Chief Dan Oates | Aurora Police Department | Aurora, Colorado
“[The] Aurora Police Department recognizes Harvest Church in gratitude for your generosity and support of the men and women of the A.P.D. in the aftermath of the Century 16 Theater shooting in Aurora, CO.”
Bishop Ronald Alexander | Divine Purpose Church | Arlington, TN
“Allow me to personally share my excitement about what God allowed me to receive from my visit with you. First, your excellence in ministry was paramount. It helped to relight a fire in me. I was so encouraged by everything that I saw that I’ve been working on restructuring and change in my ministry since returning home. Our conversations were heartfelt and encouraging. It is my prayer that God will give you all of the desires of your heart. You have helped His servant find his way again. I was able to see the glory of God through your worship experience. My life has truly been changed! I know that we will do great things for the Kingdom of God and I now thrive in greater anticipation of my own continued expectations of my ministry and myself. Thank you Bishop Foreman, for your inspiration.”
Bishop David Huskins | International Communion of Charismatic Churches | Atlanta, GA
“You [Harvest] have a great leader [Bishop Foreman], you have a great team, and you have a great future. I am glad to be part of your celebration and remember, the best really is yet to come!”
Apostle Patrick Isaac | PQL Center/A.C.T.I.O.N. | Montreal, Quebec
“In this era, God is raising up another breed of ministers, servants of God who are ready to set aside their personal agendas in order to advance the Kingdom of God. Bishop Kevin Foreman is one of these ministers. He is truly an apostle of God sent to bring kingdom takeover through community transformation. Certainly, he will leave a kingdom legacy for the generations to come.”
Dr. Roy Bright | Breakthrough Church | Austin, TX
“Bishop Foreman is truly a man of God. He lives a life of integrity and compassion. Through the apostolic mantle God has placed on his life, many people are destined to be saved! He is a passionate and scholarly man, who, when he opens his mouth, the mysteries of God are revealed. No other person born in the era walks in the anointing and singular vision of reaching souls for Christ as he does.”
Apostles Lawrence & Sandra Powell | Soul Care Full Gospel Center | Commerce City, CO
“We are most honored to congratulate our cherished friend and our highly esteemed co-laborer. We want to leave you with these words…eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it even entered into the heart of man the blessings that God still has in store for you [Bishop Foreman].”
Bishop N.L. Thomas | Fresh Impact Church | Austin, TX
“What a privilege it was to attend Harvest and share the Word of God and also participate in the experience of Harvest. I’ve been blessed to preach across the country as well abroad. This year was a special year for me because it is been a great season of rejuvenation as God has restored so many parts of my ministry. What I did not understand; however, is that I possessed enormous zeal to travel and minister, but that I was just burdened with frustration at home. I had attempted so many things that were simply was not working.
After attending Harvest and observing the excellence, structure, and strategies, which you’ve instituted within your ministry, I believe it reawakened the giant within me to do ministry at the highest level. I went home and began to immediately implement changes. I was shocked because changes that would normally take a long time for our people to implement, we instituted in an expeditious and they have embraced the change. Much of it began after your [Bishop Foreman’s] visit to us, but it was further clarified when I came to Harvest.
It may seem as though I was being witty when I suggested that there be some type of program initiated by yourself [Bishop Foreman] & Harvest in helping fix churches that are struggling with strategies, but let me clarify that ever after having experienced the fruit of some of your suggestions and strategies, that I’m further convinced and convicted that this is a needful journey that someday you must embark upon. Bishop, thank you and the people of Harvest that embrace your vision. There is one place (our church) that I can assure you that you have helped and on behalf of all of us we are grateful. Grace and peace be unto you.”